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Complete cuts of the pilot and OP of the Winter 2007 anime Rocket Girls. The pilot was already released in 2001, so I can only assume they couldn't find enough sponsors at the time. The character designs were drastically changed for the anime to give it a more moe look, which is a pity. If you want to watch the pilot with the original character designs you can do so here or find it on the third disc of the US dvd release.

Cut overview and quick links to the animated douga pages:
Origin Cut Page Douga Characters
Pilot 58 1 link Yukari Morita, Matsuri
Pilot 59 1 link Matsuri
OP 26B 1,2 link Isao Nasuda
OP 26C 2 link Kazuya Kinoshita

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 Timesheet Pilot Cut 58

 Layout 1

 Layout 2

 Layout 3

 Genga A1

 Genga A2

 Genga A3

 Genga A4

 Genga A5

 Genga A6

 Douga Pilot Cut 58

 Timesheet Pilot Cut 59

 Layout 1

 Layout 2

 Layout 3

 Genga B1

 Genga B2

 Genga B3

 Genga B4

 Genga B5

 Douga Pilot Cut 59

 Timesheet OP cut 26B

 Layout 1

 Genga C1, D1, D3
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