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Timesheet cut 7
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

No Background

Added 1/7/2018
Updated 1/7/2018
Timesheet of OP cut 7. Length: 3 + 3/24 seconds.

Douga layer overview:
A1-16) Two male background characters (upper body)
Aa-g) Two male background characters (legs)
B1-11) Two female background characters
C1-2) Small cart
D1-2) Big cart
E1-11) A male and female background character
F1-F16) Two male background characters (legs)
Fa-g) Two male background characters (upper body)
G1-29) Lawrence (hair)
GF1-2) Lawrence (body)

This is by far the most complex timesheet I have. Ten different layers (of which three sublayers) with two moving effects. The animator seems to have had a hard time with layer G (Lawrence). Some parts have been rewritten up to two (three?) times next to the column.

Timesheet frontside below.

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