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Douga cut 9
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

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Added 1/7/2018
Updated 1/7/2018

Despite not having characters, this is a very intersting cut that shows how an OP cut changes to fit the music. The full animation above has 13 frames and shows Horo's grain pouch being dropped and swinging a bit before hanging still. But when this cut went into post production there wasn't enough time to show everything. Below is the final cut which only has 5 frames out of the original 13! Here, the pouch only swings around a bit for a fraction of a second. I added a one second break at the end so that it wouldn't be too annoying to look at. The OP shows three cuts in quick succession of the swinging pouch, a rolling coin and the backside of the cart. I only have the first.

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