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Douga cut 30
Source: TV
Layers: 5
No sketches available
Standard size

No Background

Added 1/7/2018
Updated 1/7/2018

Animating this cut was quite the challenge. It consists of 156 frames with 5 layers, timed at 24 frames per second. The first problem was that two layers have parts that go over and parts that go under another layer, so I had to split those layers to make it look good. The biggest challenge was the frame rate. The difference between two frames is very minimal, so if you don't align the pages perfectly the shifting is greater than the actual movement. I had to move each frame a few pixels to minimize the shifting. I don't think my animation is perfect, but I'm proud of it.

The grain field layers A and C are not present in the final cut. Instead, they probably used them to distort a still background image. I decided to make another animation without the grain field layers to focus on the characters. I cut out the final six frames to make a perfect 150 frame loop. Notice in the screenshots below that Horo is covered up by the grain and you don't see her tail moving in the cut. Hidden details like this make it worth re-animating cuts to me. Other differences in the final cut are the zoom out effect and the fade in-out effect with cut 29 (which I don't have).

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