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2. Wolf and Distant Past
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Added 11/3/2011
Updated 1/7/2018
Episode 2 - Wolf and Distant Past
Original air date: January 16, 2008

While taking refuge from the rain inside a nearby church, Lawrence and Holo meet a traveling merchant named Zeelen, who tells Lawrence of a plan to trade old silver coins for new ones to make a profit. Holo later tells Lawrence she sensed Zeelen lying, though neither she nor Lawrence know why he lied. The next day, Lawrence agrees to meet with Zeelen in the port city Patzuille to discuss further plans. After departing with Holo, Lawrence recounts how he was attacked by wolves 'about eight times' in the forest. Holo defends the wolves' actions and Lawrence flares up in anger. After a lull in the conversation, Lawrence asks Holo if she has ever eaten a human, but she refuses to answer.
Source: Wikipedia.

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