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4. Wolf and Her Helpless Partner
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Added 11/3/2011
Updated 1/7/2018
Episode 4 - Wolf and Her Helpless Partner
Original air date: January 30, 2008

Lawrence enlists the help of the Milone Company to counter Zeelen's scheme. However, men from the Medioh Company, Zeelen's associates, try to ambush Lawrence and Holo at night. Holo and Lawrence flee to the Milone Company but Holo acts as a diversion so Lawrence can escape to safety. After arriving at safety, Lawrence is told that Milone Company has all the information needed to defeat Zeelen and the Medioh Company's plan and no longer needs Lawrence. To compound Lawrence's problems, a letter arrives from Medioh informing him that they know Holo is a wolf and are prepared to hand her over to the church.
Source: Wikipedia.

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