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11. Wolf and the Biggest Secret Scheme
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Added 11/3/2011
Updated 1/7/2018
Episode 11 - Wolf and the Biggest Secret Scheme
Original air date: March 12, 2008

Lawrence scrounges a few coins, but he has nowhere near enough to repay his debts. He attempts to give them to Holo as an apology for his earlier behavior, but she rejects them and chides Lawrence for being too nice and not blaming her for his situation. The next day, the pair goes to Lawrence's debt collector and proposes gold smuggling to get out of debt. Since the debt collector's company has already failed and is also pressed for money, Holo drives him into a corner and he agrees with their scheme. Lawrence and Holo later meet with Nora and tell her about their plan to smuggle gold in her sheep's stomachs, and, after some smooth-talking by Lawrence, she agrees.

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