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Douga ep. 2 cut 54
Source: TV
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Added 7/19/2011
Updated 1/7/2018

Story: After Lawrence and Horo travelled through heavy rain to the next town they hang up their wet clothes. Horo is teasing Lawrence by saying that he still smells despite going through the rain. Lawrence tries to slap her, but she evades him (start of cut) and says: "I consider you to be a good man". After that she bends forward and says: "Try to keep yourself more clean".

This cut also came with a partial corrected douga sequence, marked with a circled "R". However, those haven't been used in the final cut and aren't in the anime. You can watch them here.

2nd place in the 2011 Anime-Beta Sketch Awards. Thank you, everyone who voted for me!

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