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[A] Spice and Wolf ep. 02

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Timesheet cut 54 2/2
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
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Added 7/18/2011
Updated 10/28/2011
Timesheet of episode 2, cut 54, page 2. Length: 8 + 12/24 seconds.

Douga layer overview:
A1) Background (clothes and bed)
B1-29) Horo:
   B1-14,23,25-29) Horo
   D15-22) Horo
   B24) Horo without hair
C1-4) Horo's mouth
D1-5) Horo's hair

Later when I removed the tape I found out that the timesheets displayed here are a copy, the originals were taped onto the copies and are a bit different.
Spoken text is written between the columns in hiragana.

Timesheet frontside below.

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